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Make your Business Eco-friendly

Business Tier 1
20kW High Efficient Inverter
134 square meters of area needed
Resilient solar panels with long performance warranty
Installation by certified technicians
Reliable solar power system installation and maintenance
10-15 years life cycle
Typical payback period is 3-5 years
Business Tier 2
20-50kW High Efficient Inverter
approx. 260 sqm of area needed
Resilient solar panels with long performance warranty
Higher capacity panels that occupy less space
Professional installation by certified electricians and technicians
24×7 service support and query resolution
Business Tier 3
High Efficient Inverters
Great performance warranty and quality assurance
Long lasting performance backed by comprehensive warranty
Higher capacity panels that occupy less space
Professional installation by certified electricians and technicians
24x7 service support and query resolution
Business Pro
After analyzing your energy usage and requirements, our team of experts can advise you what type of energy system will best fulfil your needs. The exciting aspect of solar is that it is modular – you will be able to expand your system over time as your business grows or your requirements change.
Know Your Stuff

Grid Tie System

Widely used by homes and business, this system enables you to keep your connection to the public electricity grid to buy power at night-times (and when its cloudy). Your solar inverter will work harmoniously with grid power to intelligently use all solar power first and before drawing any power from the grid.


Off-Grid System

An Off-grid Solar System, also known as a stand-alone-power-system, will cut all ties to the National Grid and therefore requires battery storage. Hence, an off-grid system, is the complete package to generating, storing and delivering your own renewable energy.


Hybrid System

A hybrid solar system combines grid connected solar system with an option to connect batteries. Due to the decreasing cost of battery storage, systems that are already connected to the electricity grid can start taking advantage of battery storage as well.

Backup System

A Backup system is used to store excess energy produced by the solar panels for later use, or as a stand-alone system, it can supply continuous power when the grid fails (UPS) to maintain continuous operations.


We Provide Quality Products & Components that meet all Solar needs.

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Energy stability and security

The energy generated by a commercial solar system is first consumed by the building. This provides a layer of energy security, as the power for the building is generated onsite instead of relying on an uncertain grid network.

Warranty and workmanship

For peace-of-mind, your system will feature high-quality solar panels and inverters which feature ten-year minimum product warranties. Our workmanship is also guaranteed for five years.

In-depth monitoring and analysis

We provide all of our commercial solar systems with in-depth monitoring as standard, so that you can adapt your energy consumption to better suit your solar generation.

Maintenance and Servicing

Our optional comprehensive maintenance and service program means your system will run worry free for years. Our monitoring software alerts Apex Energy to any issues, enabling us to fix the problem – often before you notice there is one.

How we work

4 Easy Steps to Get You Started


Look, Learn, Evaluate

We look at your roof, learn about your energy needs and evaluate your consumption trends.

Design & Quote

We design all elements to prepare a comprehensive quote, taking all and any government rebates into consideration.

Agree & Install

Once the quote is finalized, we arrange a suitable time to install your new solar system. Warranty on all jobs.

Support as Nedded

Locally owned and operated, we’re on hand to provide any support you may need in the future. You can count on us, to be there for you.